Sony W 2000 or Samsung M86, the big question

Kevin 33

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Hi Guys

Over the past week or so, having read a lot of reviews, visiting many websites and consulting magazines etc. I am still not able to get a clear answer....which LCD TV is better, the Sony W 2000 or the Samsung M86 .

Ive come across various potential buyers struggling with the same dilemma. One thing though comes out as a clear cut difference, the Sammy has better looks, but in the end its the picture quality that matters.

I intend to use the TV mainly to watch DVDs, Sky HD, Sky SD and maybe later Bluray or HD DVDs.

Your comments will be much appreciated.


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Because the word "better" is purely subjective. Sony owners will tell you to buy the Sony, Samsung owners will tell you to buy the Samsung. Just read through the thread for each TV, go down to a TV shop and see each model in person and then make a decision.


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He does fairly neutral reviews of TV's. If I was buying right now I would buy the Samsung LE40M86BD, based on his review, It is the only TV he highly recommends.

Kevin 33

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thanks reaper
ive extensively read the reviews at that website as well..the 'problem' is he recommends both the TVs highly ! also in terms of pricing, both are more or less the same price.


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I'm in exactly the same boat too. I think if the May Update doesn't fix the XBox 360 over VGA problem on the Sammy I may go for the W2000. I've seen the W2000 and the F71 side by side but not the newer M86/87 yet. All the Sony's I've seen "in store" have looked great to me but the clouding is a worry.


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Everyone has their own preferences and constraints.

I've been looking at the LE46M87, 46W2000 and Tosh 42X3030/Z series, and before news broke of the Sammy and Tosh was all set for the Sony.

I've now ordered the LE46M87 for £1574, my reasons being:

- the Samsung has a more advanced panel than the Sony, I actually prefer the glossy style and feel it produces a more natural image than matt LCD
- better contrast
- no significant reports of banding or clouds
- 3 HDMI 1.3 (required for Virgin HD box, PS3 and upscaling DVD recorder/HD)
- better looking set that the Sony W series (though maybe not better than Sony X series!)
- the Tosh is not out yet, with no real indication of when it will hit the shops.
- The Tosh has only 2 hdmi and poorer contrast
- The Z series which has M100 and 3 HDMI is several months away

There is no holy grail, one could keep waiting... what about the new Panasonic 1080p plamas, or the new Pioneers...? I can tell you that Samsung will also be introducing 100Hz processing in their next models, and beyond that I'm sure there will be many more "must have" features - but at some point you've got to make a decision and start enjoying the product now (although I suspect that for some the decision making process/research is the most enjoyable part, which is why they seem to be stuck there!)

Good luck.

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