Sony VW11HT Install Help, Please.



Im a bit lost,

Ok guys all my bits are here and I am ready to mount the projector, thought I wouldjust plug it in and point it at the wall just to see.

I have gone through the book a few times and it still seems quite muddy to me.

One of you guys said put it on a stall to se how far back you need to mount it, (Unicol), well what do I test it with, I cant see it in the book, I have put a disk in the player and connected it up but it is quite blurry, so I disconnected this and just used the projector, there is a test pattern do I use this? If so should it fill the screen exactly or just under or what?

I can’t read any of the menus that come up on the pj when I hit the menu button; they are all too blurry to see.

So as you can see I am a bit stuck, please nice people with the VW11HT could you just run me through your install from the start, I am at a loss with the distance thing as I cant get it to focus, am I panicking? YES.

How do I set this thing up from the start?

All help appreciated



Can't you adjust the focus by twisting the collar of the lens????

My Panny has focus and zoom on the lens itself.


Staff member
There are two manual adjustments on the lens. One is to focus. The other is to zoom.

Select the test pattern (white line grid). Point the PJ at your screen. Find the zoom control on the lens (makes the image larger/smaller). Set it to about half way. Then focus the grid.

Move the PJ for and/or aft until the grid approximately fills your screen. Focus it again if necessary, to check.

You now have your approximate position from the screen. Use this position to decide where to put your ceiling mount.

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