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I have asked this before but please could you clear this up.

When you all say the projector lens must be dead level with the top of the screen, do you all mean the actual Screen IE the black surround on the actual vinyl or do you mean the bottom of the Metal piece, on the Draper Lumu.?

In the manual it is hard to work this out buy the picture.

So is it with the screen?

Or the surround?

Or other.



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It should be in line with the useable part of the screen i.e. the white/grey bit - you might have a large drop so the black masking should not be included.

The bottom of the lens should be roughly in line with the bottom of the screen OR if you're ceiling mounting the projector (and it's upside down) then the lens should be in-line with the top of the screen.

The bottom of the lens projects horzontally so the rest of the image is "thrown" upwards. Try putting the projector on a table and see what happens when you project onto a wall.

Hope that helps.

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