Sony VTX -D800U


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Oct 7, 2005
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I have one of these Digital terrestial receivers and I'm very pleased with it .
I can't get the thing to control my Thomson 32" TV though .Sony advise two input codes.i.e. 026 and 061 .Neither one seems to work .
Any ideas ?

I'm used to the convenience of using other(but inferior) boxes which control at least the volume functions on my TV.
Maybe there are other codes that I don't know about.
Help, someone please !
I have a similar problem trying to control Samsung Tvs though my Sony remotes work with fine Panasonic and Loewe
I posted on this forum asking for advice and it was suggested to just try all the codes in the book.
Long winded I know, but you just might get lucky (must get round to doing it.......)
Yes do try all the codes more than likely to come up trumps. Did just this when I needed to set commands for a Lodos TV which was essentially a Hitachi clone. The Hitachi codes failed to give full function and I found a suitable one from some other manufacturer, I can't remember which.

Failing that give Sony technical a ring 0870-2413624

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