Sony vs. Samsung.... 32"


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Ok ladies and gents,

Im sorry i know this topic must be done over and over!!! however, the posts seem old with regards to the problems of each tv!

I will be using it for the PS3 mainly....

Im considering the
Sony KDL32S2510 £499
Samsung LE32R87BD $489

From what i've read....

- The Sony may suffer from the Halo effect and cloudyiness.

- The Samsung is a lottery when it comes to the panels.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

Also, as I mentioned earlier, some of the posts are a few months old, when the Samsung was priced better than the Sony, and was an influencing factor.
Now the TV's are priced the same (near enough!)...which one is better?

PS. looked at the Toshiba 32C3030 aswell, priced at £451 aswell....

Again, apologies for the same damn topic coming up, but from what i keep reading price seems to be a factor, and Sony were always the best, just wary of the faults that are being mentioned....

Thanks in advance people...


I suppose it will be around 500£!!So my own suggestion:The Sony 32S3000.It costs 529£ lowest price but its a very good improvement over S2510 model


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yeah...around £500! maybe £600...if its something special!!!!

just came back from my local dixons...saw the samsung, looked much better than the last time i saw it....maybe cause it was a smaller store, less tv's to feed? (or am i way off the mark????)


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I've read somewhere here with the same question...apparently they are exactly the same, and I havent seen a shop which sell both variants...just one or the other!


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the R88 is currys only and the r87 is everyone else , same tv but different model to stop price matching

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