Sony vs Pioneer




Excuse me if this has been asked before,
but my search came up empty.

Which is considered the more imprtant feature to have ?
DVD+R/RW or DVD-Audio capability.

I'm interested in upgrading my Sony DVP-S725D
to either a sony DVP-NS930V or a Pioneer DV-668AV

Sony supports DVD+R/RW and DVD-R/RW, but the Pioneer not.
Pioneer supports DVD-Audio, but the Sony not.
Pioneer also has higher bitrate Video DACS



Ultimately, which is most important is up to you. Personally, I'm not currently interested in getting audio from my DVD player (just a DD/dts bitstream) whereas I can imagine being lent TV recordings or suchlike on DVD-R in the future. If you want multi-channel audio as well as regular DVD playback, a universal player like the Pio will be better for you.

The Pio should have the better ultimate image quality but you may not be able to see the difference on your display device - I reasonably sure that I wouldn't due to the distinctly average scaler in the Z1.




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The Pioneer is also about £250 more than the Sony - a fairer comparison would be the Pioneer 565.

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