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Sony vs Philips - advice appreciated

Discussion in 'Televisions' started by Alan D, Nov 16, 2002.

  1. Alan D

    Alan D

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    I have almost decided on my new TV, but would appreciate some advice. The Philips 28PW7527c or the Sony KV28FX66 ??
    Picture quality is my only consideration, particularly from DVD and Freeview [sound will go through AV amplifier] They both have received very good reviews recently, both have the same Scart line up. The Philips has more picture tweaks and Pixel Plus can be turned off. Both allow picture rotation, the Sony has Dynamic Picture Stabiliser [which helps to keep geometry in check]. They're both about the same price.
    If I've got any of my facts wrong, please put me right.

    So which has that extra "something"??

    And is there another 28" that I should also consider? [2 RBG Scarts is a minimum]

    Thanks in anticipation..


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