sony vs LG - to swop or not?


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I have an option to swop my old but good sony 525 dvd player for a new LG 3351P, in order to gain MP3 CDR/RW compatibility. I would have to pay about 10% of the value of the LG. Both players are region 2 so I don't gain multiregion compatibility.

1. Would I lose picture quality?
2. Is the swop recommended?
3. Can the LG be hacked for multiregion?
4. Does the LG have coax and optical dig out?

Sorry for the questions - I will be researching further but unfortunately I am under pressure to make a quick decision.


Just managed to do a back to back of the 2 players.
The LG has component out, 5.1 out, coax and optical out.
Picture quality seems similar on my 34 inch TV.
Sound of Sony seemed a bit muddled, LG thinner but more detailed (didn't expect any difference because I was using dig out into receiver - probably difference between coax on sony vs optical on the LG)
both players equally silent
build quality of sony better (disc tray on LG flimsier)
LG has solid remote
LG played CDR CDRW and MP3

dilemma - better features of LG vs better build of sony???

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