Sony VPL400Q LCD



Hello 2 all.

I own the above and would really like advice on how to make picture improvements.

I'm not unhappy with the picture but feel that the picture could be sharpened.

Any ideas please ?

Is this projector good any more or is it a dinosaur ?
If so what is currently considered better and at what cost?!!!

Love and friendship,


Steve Stifler

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Not sure if youknow much about these. Some people mounted them upside down using a ceiling mount or similar. Problem was, if they were on a shelf they experienced melting plastic problems. I have one on a shelf like this and it sits on pipe insultation cut in half - basic but effective.

These PJs were prone to problems with burning out of the blue polaariaser. You might find searching "vpl400" on this or avsforum for a link to a DVD or projector website that and some questions and answers. To get the best picture, component is recommended. As for composite and SVHS, I never saw that much difference on my PJ. With LCDs, sometime a better picture can be gained by slightly de-focusing the image to reduce the screen door effect. Mostly it depends on how big you push it. On a 7ft (measured across the bottom), you do loose resolution in colour, brightness and get more screen door. You'll notice watching soccer that seeing plyeeers in the distance, resolution is really poor, and you cant tell who is who.

One tip, if youwant to see the service menu, press in sequence: enter, enter, up down, enter - you'll then receive a prompt to select or otherwise the service menu. You'll be able to get extra items and see the lamp hours, and previous lamp hours. Whatever you do, dont mess with the extra adjustment options you'll see as messing with these coulld cause real big problems (so I was told).

Thid Stifmeister


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Even though it's getting on a bit this is still a pretty good projector with it's 16:9 panel.

I suspect that you can do much better than feeding it via s-video. (Doesn't the Pioneer have a component video output ?) You'd get a major improvment if you were to feed the 400 from a progressive (component) output from a dvd player (one of the more recent Pioneers would do the job) but you might like to ask your question over at the 400 forum on


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