Sony VPL12HT Discontinued ?


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yes, but very very few suppliers are selling it now.
Perhaps it's just old stock that's not selling too well.

If it came down to £1500 I might buy one, but even then it'd have serious competition, not least from Sony's own HS20 which is now being knocked out under £1500.

However, I get the distinct impression that something big is going to hit the market at an agressive price soon.
Sony are obviously trying to shift stock of the HS20 and 12HT, and one has to wonder why.

A VW13HT with real blacks/shadow detail to match DLP, and a genuinely near silent fan perhaps??? That would be nice.
Anyone got any inside info?


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I dont think a New Sony model has anything to do with it. I think the Marketing/Prcing men have cocked up and overpriced the HS20 and they are not selling enough. Just remember it is up against the Z2, AE500 and now the H30 which seem to be selling by the truck load, all a lot cheaper than the HS20.

Drop the HS20 to £1500 and you have a different ball game.
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