sony vpl-vw12ht or sharp xv-z9000

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by coolhand101, Dec 20, 2002.

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    im finding it hard which one to go for

    the features i like on the sony are

    short throw and long throw lens(sharp has 1)
    a lot of aspect settings like thru mode(not many on the sharp i dont think)
    16x9 aspect from pc port(sharp only does 4x3 acording to the manual)

    on the sharp i like are

    dlp 16x9(no pixel loss compared to the sony)

    the built in interlacer(i here the sony one aint up to scratch)

    or has the z10000 got more feature than the z9000(i know its got a dvi port,but has it got more aspect settings and a 16x9 pc aspect.

    if it was up to you which one would it be.

  2. theritz

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    Aug 17, 2002
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    Hi Coolhand,

    Haven't seen either of these in the flesh, but get yourself a copy of the latest edition of Home Cinema Choice and read the review of the Sony 12HT - I think you got the facts muddled in your post, the 12HT has a 16x9 panel, 1366x758 pixels.

    According to HCC, its the dogs danglies, tho' they don't put it quite like that. They prefer terms such as

    "...simply a sensational performer..."

    "...Then there's the DRC-MF processing....the picture is arguably the most detailed, sharpest home projection picture ever......exceptional depth and dynamism.."

    " show a care, judgement and attention to video detail that we've seldom seen before...."

    "...It's one of the best projectors ever....".

    And this is from the same review team who weren't very impressed by its predecessor, the 11HT.

    If it was £6000 of my money to play with, I'd have stacked Barcos, but one way or the other I think the Sharp would have to be pretty good at making my dinner and handing out beers to overcome that kind of a review !!!

    Sean G.
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    When I bought, I compared the Sharp 9000 to the 11HT and chose the 11HT. At the time there was a US$3000 price difference between the two projectors and the Sharp wasn't worth that much more to me based on my observations. The prices have come down and the difference narrowed considerably (if shopping at PriceJapan), so it does make it a tougher decision.

    The Sony's scaler/deinterlacer is top notch, better than the one in the Sharp. If you get a good progressive player like the Panasonic RP82 (or European equivalent) the deinterlacer in either projector isn’t an issue.

    The Sony does have 2 lens choices, but last I looked, the long throw lens was an additional $1,000 to the base price of the projector.

    And, don’t forget to take into account that the Sony is a brighter projector than the Sharp. This can be important if you are planning on doing a large screen (greater than 100 inches diag) or intend to have some ambient light in the room.

    And finally, I you could swing the extra money; I think the Marantz 12s1 (or 12s2) is the best looking DLP projector out there today. I would take the Marantz over the Sharp in a heartbeat.

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