Hi, I am new to the projector side of things. I have managed to lay my hands on this Sony. Would be great to hear from you guys on what you think of it, and any tips on setting the thing up. I am assuming that I need to run the Video machine through this to get the TV working through the projector ? Sorry if these are just really obvious questions


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Hi, you will find loads of posts relating to your model and the previous VW10HT on this forum, just input the model number into the search engine.
Theres a lot of people who swear by adding bits and bobs to this pj like filters etc, I myself put it on a glass shelf which is suspended between two back to back dining room chairs behind my sofa switched it on and hey presto. Only minor tweaks too contrast, brightness etc too suit my personal tastes and to be honest cannot find fault with it. I watched AOTC the other night and the picture is fantastic I am aiming to suspend it properly but its finding time and as I said picture is so good im not really in a rush to re-position it.
Theres quite a few knowledgeable people posting on these forums about these pj's so im sure you will find lots of advise after you have used the search engine.

Regards Matt...........

PS In case you haven't used it look top right and you will see several links, one being search use that too find loads of info.


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I have one, and I've had it for almost 1 year now.
I'm still utterly thrilled with it. Its a really fab projector!

However, don't use a high gain screen with it or you'll probably disagree.
I use a Stewart Greyhawk (expensive but excellent) and the increased depth of field to the picture is obvious compared to a white screen with gain.
I also use a cc30r filter (about £50 from Enhanced Home Theatre) and this improves things another notch for a fraction of the price.
Using both together and the result is breathtaking.

I wouldn't sell mine.


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