Question Sony VPL-HW45ES or Epson EH-TW6700


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I need the forums expert advice please.

I currently have an older Panasonic PTAE700 projector from 2006 - I'm in the market for a new projector to replace this, unfortunately the Panny only outputs 720p/1080i so it is struggling with my Blue Ray player and Sky Q through a Marantz 1506 amp as the resolution is not compatible.

I wanted to get either the Sony VPL-HW45ES or Epson EH-TW6700

My requirements are as follows

1) Main viewing will be evening/night, however will be occasional viewing in daylight (eg sports etc)
2) Intend on using a light cream/white wall for projecting in a living room (not a batcave)
3) Black level s MUST be decent (i know I know hardest part of all of this is this question alone)
4) Room length will be around 15ft to 18ft with a projected image of around 100" and projectgor will sit behind sofa just over head height.
5) Main viewing will be Blue Ray and Sky Q (evenings)
6) Projector will need to have lens shift (horizontal and vertical)

I know that the Sony is amazing and has loads of reviews online and isn't that expensive for what it is, however it is huge compared tot eh Epsom and the older Panny.

My biggest worry is will I be disappointed in the Epsom just for the sake of £500 cheaper difference?

Appreciate both are a huge step up from the Panny, however the Panny for it's age produced pretty good Black levels.

Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say.


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to price compare then i'd say the Epson 7300 is a match for the Sony 45 rather than the 6700



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Cheers, although I have the opportunity to get the Sony ex demo with 5 bulb hours for £500 less than that website, can you match?


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some pics of my sony 45es really pleased with it.


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