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Hello, newbie to this forum. I would appreciate any ideas.

I have a Sony VPL-HW30ES. Some years old yet still works adequately. I have been having a problem for a while now and I cannot seem to diagnose/fix it. I can be watching any source, BluRay, Dish Network, Roku, or Computer, and suddenly the projector will just power off. I can use the remote and turn it right back on, the unit goes through its normal "starting", and then displays for 10-20 minutes before power off again.

Additional issue, and I think related, at times, the projector will act normal and display for my entire viewing session (3+ hours or more if I'm obsessed with a series or sports event). When I finished watching, the projector will not respond to the original remote control for power off, menu, source change, anything, it is just locked. The only way to turn it off, is to physically pull the plug.

Projector: Sony VPL-HW30ES
AVR: Denon 991
HDMI approx 10 years old and about 15 feet long, copper.
Blub has about 650 hours, some flicker
Fan on High Cool
Filter recently cleaned

Any suggestions?

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