Sony vpl hw30es vs Sony vpl vw95es


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I was just wondering is there any big difference in 2D picture quality between
Sony vpl hw30es vs Sony vpl vw95es, as the price difference is 2k, with this price difference the 95 must be really good. Did anybody demo both projectors?

Would 95es work well in a room 3m by 5m ( with 100" diagonal screen)?

Are these projectors dim compared to others like JVC?


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The Sonys are excellent projectors and are not dim as far as compared to the jvc pj's.

Sony VPL-HW30ES SXRD 3D Projector review | - UK Online

Sony VPL-VW95ES 3D SXRD Projector Review | - UK Online

The 95 is a better machine but as you say costs £2k+ extra so whether you consider it worth the premium only you can decide.

I would say though the JVC's are best for black levels but that will depend on your room conditions whether you will see the extra performance or not.

If you are not buying this month it would pay to consider the new JVC X55 which will be out Nov/Dec which is a new model that will slot in between the new X35 & 75.It will have e-shift included and should cost around £4k-4.5k so would undercut the 95 and should be a better performer.


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Sony vpl hw30es vs Sony vpl vw95es, as the price difference is 2k, with this price difference the 95 must be really good. Did anybody demo both projectors?
The Sony vpl vw95es projector is about the best on the market with 3D (under 10k) and that's really where is excels. It's 2D performance is right on the nail for the money.

I'd say that everyone who has demo'd it has loved it.

The Sony vpl vw30es is positioned where the toughest competition stands. You have JVC, Panasonic, Epson and Themescene all fighting for top dog. My own thoughts are that the Sony vpl vw30es is fair in this remit of competitors.

One thing to note is that none of these projectors are poor and they all have areas of excellence.

Regards, Shane.


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I have the Sony VW95 in my dedicated cinema room and can affirm that it's a real stunner. Prior to this I'd owned an HD100 and an HD750, both of which were excellent projectors. At the present moment I'd say that the VW95 is the better deal than an X70. This is because it performs almost as well in 2d as the X70 and much better in 3d while being almost £2k cheaper (the Sony lamps are very stable as well). I was able to do a shoot out with an X70 here recently and the VW95 matched the JVC machine in 2d practically all the way - even in black levels (which, as a JVC fan, I'd hardly have believed could have happened - and that was with a fixed iris). BTW, both machines were calibrated and my demo room is a black hole. I say 'practically' because if you looked extremely carefully (and I mean extremely) you could see that the JVC revealed ever so slightly more detail in the blacks and was a whisker sharper due to the e-shift - but I must stress that it was a very fine advantage indeed. Either way the 2d performance of both projectors was stunning. In 3d, however, the advantage to the Sony machine was far more obvious. The X70 was often crosstalk city while the VW95 handled those same scenes with aplomb. The X55 sounds exciting but the 3d performance of the X70 was bad enough that I personally wouldn't consider an X55 over a Sony VW95 unless it is significantly improved over the X70's 3d performance. That shouldn't be too hard though. :) I'm not sure whether the X55 will include a CMS. Perhaps someone can clarify. If it doesn't then that would represent an advantage to the Sony machine.

As to the question whether there is a difference between the HW30 and the VW95 then the answer is a clear yes. I've calibrated both and own the VW95 and the difference is there. However, remember that the HW30 is being replaced this year so it's perhaps not the best time to buy one of these right now unless you can get a close out deal. Also, the difference between the two projectors won't be fully appreciated outside of a properly treated cinema room. So whether the price difference is worth it to the OP will depend upon his circumstances. As there is due to be a HW30 replacement and the X55 is due out it might be worth waiting so that you can compare them with the VW95 - unless, as mentioned, you get a good close out deal.

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