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Mickey Mouse

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Has anyone heard of the details for the new Sony HS2? - I am thinking of getting this when it comes out in November - apparently price is expected to be about £1300.

Any comments:)


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Sony available soon at Unbeatable at about £1350, I might be ordering soon, but I not sure if I ought to spend a bit more & get the the HS10. Also not sure if I ought to wait for the new Panny. I have not fully checked the specs on the Sonys.

Rob Oldridge

I saw both the HS2 & HS10 many times at CEDIA earlier this week, both were very good. The HS10 is worth paying the extra for. Much smoother higher resolution image with less screen door. Having said that IMHO the HS2 is better than the AE100. Colours and contrast ratio on both were excellent.

Also had a good look at the Sony VPL12, Plus Piano Avante, Toshiba MT8 AKA Infocus Screenplay 7200, Philips Garbo & Sharp Z90U.

Some great projectors are coming.

Hope this helps.

Gordon @ Convergent AV

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Hi Rob,

I was there too....Unfortunately I have to say I thought the HS2 was not that great. Of course, sitting beside an HS10 didn't do it any favours......I only saw it with HiDef going in to it and when you make that look bad you've got problems. Then again I doubt there are any new sub £7000 projectors I would want to watch, let alone one at £1300.

It's probably going to be a good fight with an AE100 at that price but if you can stretch to the HS10 I think you'll be much happier. Or if you fancy going the S/H CRT route you may find even better quality to be had.

Have fun looking though.


Mickey Mouse

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Thanks for all the comments - I went to see the dealer again yesterday and he has no release dates for either the HS2 or the HS10 - has anyone got any firm dates?

Ta Mickey

Rob Oldridge

Can't disagree with Gordon. If you have the space, a good secondhand CRT correctly set-up still delivers by far the best picture for that kind of money.

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