Question Sony VPL HS10 still any good?


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I bought a Sony HS10 back in 2002/3. I used it on and off over the years, never had a good location to get the best out of it and moved house a few times. I now have a garage to use :)

I've temporarily partitioned the garage door off, projector hung, throw perfect, giving a 106" screen. Even just projecting on grey plasterboard I think it is fabulous using PS4 blu-ray. I am planning a fixed screen.

My question is, how do you think it stands up to the modern cheaper projectors available now? I wouldn't want to replace it with a cheap DLP (£500) and the picture to be worse. I've got rid of dust blobs, put in new new filter. Should I spend money on new bulbs in the future or a new projector?

I've noticed the Sony equivalent now maybe the HW40ES and that doesn't have motorised zoom and focus even.


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Well it's a keeper for now. I'm not making a home cinema, it's my studio in the garage but I thought I could incorporate a screen.

Pasted photo background paper to wall, asphalt matt emulsion walls. Running a Mac Mini and PS4. 108" diagonal screen. Total light control, no windows :)



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Just to resurrect my old thread, when my current bulb goes on my 14 year old 720p Sony HS10, should I get a replacement bulb or a new projector? Budget £500 - £700.


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The image looks nice on the pics but with that budget to play with, I would get a new projector. Technology has moved on so much I doubt you will regret it.

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