Sony VPL-HS10 set up help please !!


Hi All
I have recently purchased my 1st projector as above and really need some help with set up to ensure i am getting the best picture from it

Is there anybody out there who knows about has/does own one of these projectors who can help me to get it set up correctly

I am using a PS3 and Arcam DV125 DVD player as sources and a QED HDMI-DVI cable as connection.

I am using the digital input and can only seem to set it up to accept RGB not YUV or what ever the other standard is as the colours go all funny if i try that as an output from my PS3

It does have a computer option but that just comes out a 4:3 not 16:9 and when selected i cannot change any of the settings in the menu

Is there a way to get it to accept YUV signals at 720p via the HDMI-DVI cable and if so how

I love me new projector and really want to get the best from it

Thanks in advance and i hope i have supplied the correct information




Its a good while since I had my HS10, I take it you've tried all the various settings in the menu's if you can't get it working there is always a hdmi-componmet converter it'll loose some quality though.


Hi Kippie
Thanks for your reply

I have got the projector working with DVI-HDMI cable outputting on the digital output with RGB but wanted to know how to use the computer option on the same digital output via the same cable

when i go into this it gives me a 4:3 low quality picture and none of the menu options are changeable

I want to use YUV instead of RGB as on my plasma this looks better but can find no information on how to change the computer settings to out put 16:9 720p picture if this is even possible

Hoped there might be some people who remember owning this projector and have the ability to help me

Thanks again


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