Sony VPL-HS10 problem


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Hi I've got a problem with an old VPL-HS10 LCD projector.

Its got 1362 hours on the lamp (it should last till at least 1500-2000).

Please see the attached pictures. They show some discolouration on the picture. Note - I've cleaned and even removed the lens hood cover, there's nothing on it. I've also cleaned the lens. I've not yet attempted to open the projector inside yet.

Can anyone tell me what this is and how to fix it, or is the bulb dying. It looks rather like something like dye or liquid has seeped into either the LCD or the lens system.

Please click on the image to get a larger view.

Please help!

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Damn :(. It's way out of warantee too. I thought maybe the bulb went, and this was the normal type of thing you see.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking I use it till the bulb goes then trash it (/attempt a repair job), cause a replacement bulb is like 300 quid +.

A new projector nowadays costs around 900 quid (for a 1080p one), and noone would want to buy a projector without a bulb (and a dodgey LCD).



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I've seen exactly the same type of fault listed here on a few HS10's and HS20's.

Whilst not 'common', it does appear to be a recurring theme for those who have units that fail.

Pretty sure it's terminal aswell I'm afraid.


I've seen exactly the same type of fault listed here on a few HS10's and HS20's.
A couple of threads with the same problem can be found here and here :(


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Thanks for the help guys, this really is a great forum :smashin:

As noted in the thread

it seems like it's the prism going :(

Shamus said in that topic that:

"It came with 12 months warranty. I got the dreaded prism block error in July 2006 so by that time I'd already had it for 2 years. What the repairer told me was that Sony recognised this as a known fault and it was covered by their own extended warranty for that error."

I've dug out my original invoice for the projector from 10/Feb/2003 (Can you really believe I paid £2154.96 for this! lol ).

Would it still be covered by Sony's extended warrantee for this known problem I wonder? I might just contact them.

If nothing more, they sometimes give free stuff away to keep their customers happy (they were pretty good on customer support when my PSP had dead pixels - they even sent 3 new ones to me, until I was satisfied!).



HI Guys

I have one of these projectors and have had a thread open in the Sony Owners forum asking what one of these would be worth if i sell it

It has a brand new Sony supplied lamp and is in perfect working order

Any ideas what it is worth

Sorry to hijack this thread but looking for some people with HS10 knowledge



PS Sorry yours has gone a bit wrong Marcus


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Well, not impressed.

I've been quoted a repair bill of £814.16 on the phone by pencoed repair centre (sony's regional repair location in Glamorgan, Wales). This is a flat fee if anything is wrong with the optics....



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Just to resurrect this thread....

I assume I have the prism block problem on my HS10 as well. The thing is, it looks different to other pics - the pixellated purple/green lines follow the contours of bright parts of the image not just appearing as random blocks like in other examples.

For instance, on the Sony Cineza Intro screen the picture looks perfect. Just wondering if it's a different, cheap and easy to fix problem instead?

(OK I know it won't be but you can dream can't you ;))

Here's a screenshot so you know what I'm on about

It's a shame because it still gives a great picture otherwise :(


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This looks like general heat damage as a guess - how much lamp time is there on the bulb, and have you changed the air filters?

How do you turn on/off the projector - do you let it power down in it's own time or just turn it off at the mains?

Other than that, I dunno - you can check the other threads and download the service manual (I've not been brave enough to open it up to attempt a repair yet, as I don't have spare parts!).

Good luck with it


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This looks like general heat damage as a guess - how much lamp time is there on the bulb, and have you changed the air filters?

Only 170hrs on the bulb and 3500ish on the machine.

Filter is pretty dust free. Wouldn't it shut down or warn me if overheating?

ALWAYS powered it down via handset and let the cooling cycle finish. NEVER restarted it hot but waited at least 45mins before powering up again.

Can't vouch for the previous owner(s) though :(

You want to buy some spare parts?:)


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Hi, Sorry to bump into this thread but the context of my issue is similar to the above issues....

My projector is a number of years old now and I have been through about 4 bulbs in its lifetime, recently I have noticed a blue haze on the top of the screen, slightly down the right hand side of the screen and there seems to be a blue cloud appearing in the centre, not quite bad enough that I cannot watch my movies, but bad enough for it to be getting on my nerves somewhat.

I have read a number of forums a majority of which seem to point towards the Blue polarizers, some say to replace, some say they can be cleaned, however they all say there should be obvious burn damage to the glass itself. I took the unit apart and checked all the polarizers, none of which have any form of burn markings, they all appear to be in good condition so now I am wondering if the blue haze could be caused by anything else ?
I am looking for a quick fix and if it is that I need parts then maybe a UK stockist that I can source them from at a reasonable price, the £160-£170 per polarizer seems steep if it is the case that i need the IN and OUT ?
Please someone help me as I feel the blue haze is only going to get worse.........

Thanks in advance...


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