Sony VPL-HS10 Lamp Counter Reset to 900 hours ?!



After reading through lots of the posts on the HS10, especially the useful discussion sparked off by Kramer I am currently changing my settings.

However, on just replacing the lamp today, I did the reset, and when I went back into the menu, it is showing a lamp time of 900 hours :confused:

Has the reset not taken effect ? Shouldn't this have gone back to 0 ??

Anyone else seen this ? Should I do the reset code again ?

Any advice welcome.


Just powered up the Projector again, and sure enough we are now on 901 hours..... :(

Has anyone done a reset twice ? Any fall out, or was it all ok.

Or if anyone has changed their bulb, did your counter reset to o (zero).

Help anyone :confused:

You probably didn't do the counter reset correctly. I had my lamp replaced about 6 weeks ago, counter reset too.

You need to unplug the PJ, plug it back in, then do the reset with the PJ in standby (red lamp on).

It should then be at zero hours when you start it.


Thanks for replying. I thought this was the case. Just repeated the procedure again but still on 901 hours.

Just checking you did as per manual :


Maybe I need to remove and reseat the bulb to allow me to try again ?!

Alot of people (on AVSforum) seem to have had problems resetting the lamp counter. After about 5 attempts myself I finally gave up and just made note of the hours on the original bulb

Cheers for that Conor. Might have to do the same. Have tried 3 times now. WIll just note the number and then reset again when the "auto" feature stops the lamp from lighting at 2000.

Have a problem here.

Folowing the notes over the weekend, I removed the bulb again tonight, replaced and did the reset routine again:

[left arrow]
[right arrow]

Powered up the Projector, and the counter still didn't reset. In fact it didn't even strike off the old total from the weekend.

My question is are we sure the lamp isn't part of the equation here, otherwise why did the total not even return to the 900 it did when I first swapped the bulb out.

Any further views on this welcome as currently I have just paid for another 2000 hours and looks like I'll only get 1100.

I reset mine after about 2 hours with the replacement bulb fitted. Had no problems after unplugging it then carrying out the reset proceedure. It showed 0 hours on the next startup.

I assume that you're not doing it correctly. Unplug it, leave it unplugged for a while, say 10 minutes. Then, as soon as possible after plugging it in, use the remote & press the appropriate keys in quick sucession. Don't hang around pressing the keys on the remote while you're doing it but make sure you press each distinctly, say 1 second apart.

I reckon the lack of any feedback (unit on standby) is where the problem arises as there's no way of knowing if the PJ is picking up the commands.

As I say, it worked for me first time.
I'll give it another go. However, when I first replaced the bulb the PJ had been powered off completely for over a week.

I pressed the buttons quickly as advised in the manual. This is when I got the 900.

Just FYI, I put the old bulb back in tonight, did the reset command to see if I could power it up with that bulb in and read the hours, but the PJ went straight to "Replace LAMP" light.

Put the new bulb back in, reset, and back to the now 913 hours. (900 + hours used over weekend).

Will try leaving it powered down overnight and reset again tomorrow.

Just curious.... FRP = Ford Racing Puma? :blush:
Andy - Yep, FRP - Ford Racing Puma. My usual forum nickname was already taken, so used an alternate I've used before. (Me motor).

Just a follow up to confirm this is now reset. Persistence does count !!

I spoke to Sony at the Service Center @ Heathrow this morning and they confirmed the HS10 can be tetchy. They recommended powering the projector on, then sending it to sleep and doing the key routine immediately when the light goes from green flashing to Red.

At last - Counter on zero. :clap:

Thanks for your patience guys. :smashin:

Now, to give Sony a call about the 9 months and 900 hours I got out of my 2000 hour bulb... :(


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