Sony VPL- HS1 Problem


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May 17, 2008
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I would like some advice please. I bought ( in perfect working order ) a vpl-hs1 from a friend, Put it in the car and travelled home (6 miles in the car) with no bumps or bangs, Got home to find a dead unit. Can anyone recommend anywhere to send it, I have the service manual now but it gives no clues. Obviously you can imagine how pi@@ed off i was.

Other choice is to try get another machine and play swap the bits !!!
Hi Kef

You say it is dead but was in working order,

dont think i am talking down to you or anyhting, but has the fuse gone in the plug ? or the batteries in the remote need a wiggle ?

Does it fire up but you get no picture ?

tryed the lead on my amp, works fine, the unit is just dead. no lights no power. Problem is Sony want £270 to just look at it. This is a completely un realistic price.
I have now bought another projector same model with a bulb and have discovered the first bulb is ok. PHEW. So i now have 2 machines (1 faulty) 2 bulbs and 2 remotes. Still cannot find out what is wrong with the first one, must be a power supply problem. BIZARRE situation. Obviously i have had to put a screen up and enjoy the football giant size.Much to the wifes disgust.


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