SONY VPL-HS1 - any good?


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Aug 13, 2002
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Anyone got this projector and can comment on it?

How does it compare to the panny?

And any other info....thx:D
I think if you do a little research, possible using the "search" facility (Up there in the top right hand corner of this page!!), you will find all you need to know :rolleyes:

A good search string would be "Sony Cineza" or "Sony HS-1".

Have fun :)

Thanks...didn't even know that existed, very handy:D
Ive had one a few months & very happy with it. I had a faulty ae1000 before the sony & was to scared of getting a replacement. I run it wih a DAV 500 & a Draper 69" 16.9 screen & as long as the room is dark myself I think the picture is perfect. I had it at 150" to play a friend on my ps2 which was still top notch as it was on a wall. No worries of a break down but the accessories a expensive (except bulbs) would be nice if it had such a short throw range as the panasonic though.

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