sony vpl- cs4 dust problem


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i have a sony vpl - cs4 that i have not kept properly covered over the years, now, i have a green glob on screen i hope is due to dust build up. i have been thru several cans of compressed air, spraying the outside, inside more times than i can count, no results whatsoever. i have scoured the web searching for pics on how to clean the lcd panels with no success. i cannot even find the lcd panels. when i take the lid off, the many layers scare me from probing too deeply. anybody out there have any experience with this? my bulb still has over 1500 hours left on it. and i have a spare that came with it, so , i hate to not use it. man, if i had known this was gonna happen, i would have used it a lot more over the years. i guess my fatal mistake was not keeping it in it's protective case when not in use. :lease:

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Can anyone help this chap?

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