Sony VPL-CS2: dead pixels under warranty!



Hello folks.... First post.

I'm reading all the AE-100 posts with great interest. I'm so fed up with my Sony's dead pixel saga, I'm just about ready to flog it on ebay and get the Panny!! Just wondering if anyone else has had any experience of Sony's attitude to dead pixels:

Bought March 2001......

Only 60 hours use in the last 10 months (just occasional movies via HCPC).... and dead GREEN pixels have been multiplying since day 1.... Only 4 in total, but two of them are vertically adjacent (aaaargh!!)

Sony have had it now for 7 weeks..... Still heard nothing.
SURELY because all the faulty pixels are green, the green panel must be defective??!! Running LCD test via the PC shows all red & blue ones to be perfect... bummer.

Any similar experiences?? (of Sony's attitude towards such a problem).


eM out.



Oh dear.... Are Sony units SO BAD that nobody uses them for home cinema?? (VW10/11HT and HS1 excepted)

Time to cut my losses & get a Panny I spose......


hi there,
How can I check for dead pixels .Is something downloadable or a software to do it. I think I have 2 .But they are only visible on yellowish background. Thanks for help



When I get home tonight I can post you a link to a web-based toolkit that has screens and instructions for checking for dead or open pixels.

Sounds like I have a similar problem to you with two problem pixels showing up green when displaying certain colours. In my case its most obvious on gray and light backgrounds. I spoke to Epson Technical support and they thought it might be caused by "misfiring" pixels. Sounds plausable. Thinking about it, what I'm seeing could be explained by green pixels that switch to fully on when a certain intensity threshold is reached.



thanks gear ,
That should help me analyze the problem.Othervise I am happy with the Cineza.For that money (£1800) not bad.It is my first PJ so by the time I get bored with this one I will be able to get much better and maybe for the same money.I am just trying to get rid of the pixelation a bit. what is your setup and screen?
I think the best possible result with big screen woul be 80" max.



Here's the link to the web-based toolkit I promised earlier:


When you open the link, click on the 'Launch Toolkit' button.

I'm using an Epson TW100 (1280x720 LCD) driven by a HTPC via DVI. This is my first projector so I'm still on a bit of a learning curve. Right now I'm projecting onto a plasterboard wall painted Icestorm 5 and getting an amazingly detailed and vibrant picture. A friend of mine came round at the weekend to have a look and was blown away by the quality and is now seriously doubting the hassle of keeping his CRT projector. Non home-cinema neighbours who have seen it have all been similarly impressed.


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Whilst you, me and the rest of the visitors to this forum would like/expect all pixels on an LCD panel to function as they were intended I bet if you open up the book of words that comes with every make and model of projector the first thing you will be greeted with is a disclaimer saying that not all pixels are guaranteed to work and this should not be taken as a fault.

It is nigh on impossible to get the manufacturers to spell out exactly what they consider acceptable or not - I guess you have to call in your dealer at this point and ask them to intervene if they can.

Some dealers are saying they guarantee 'fault free' and the like - me I cant see it working out in the long term; what are they going to do with a stock pile of projectors with one or two dead pixels.

As prices tumble then there is no money left in the pot to carry out major parts replacements and the like and we will see all of the manufacturers tightening up on pixel policies and refusing to repair or replace.

I don't think you should jump at a PT-AE100 with the assumption that it will be any better than your Sony unit - unless you find a dealer who is willing to underwrite a free replacement projector then Panasonic do not guarantee these units have 100% pixel free panels from new or within the 24 month warranty period.

Best regards



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I bought a Laptop and on getting home and turning on found 3 dead pixels all in the main viewing area ie not near the edges.

I took it back and it was replaced without a problem but this is what the customer services manager said

We will have to make it not work by other means as the manufacturer wont replace items with less than 10 dead pixels!
We will replace them with 1 or 2 dead pixels providing they are as like yours in the main viewing area and not on the sides or corners.


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I had nothing but trouble with my SOny hs1, i payed 2000.00 and when i got it home set it up etc, within 2 weeks it developed 10 pixel drop outs, some were red, the others were a yellowy green, but on films like star wars phantom menace where there was alot of light colours these pixel drop outs stood out like sore thumbs,
I took it back to Sevenoaks hi-fi who were really embarrassed and apologetic, we got down another sony hs1, set it up in their demo room and within 10 mintues of the system warming up we counted 22 pixel that had gone or had dirt on them, as a result i took my projector home and sold it on Ebay and bought a crt projector.
Sony will not change them unlesss there is more than 60% pixel drop out, or is if it is under 6 months,they class anything less that 15 drop outs as the nature of lcd displays.
Unfortunatly no matter how expensive these systems get they will aalways be plagued with this problem,but as you get more and more systems with more pixels on the chip then they will not notice,
the lcd dlp projectors are ideal if you are sitting 12 feet back or more, i had a 7 ft 16:9 screen and was sitting 10.5 feet from screen, at this distance you can see the chiken wire effect of the pixels, and this is the same with all the sim dlp projectors, i am afraid, you have to sit a minimum of 12 -15 feet from the screen, then you cannot see the pixels.
I looked at the toshiba lcd epson lcd, sim 200ht, sim3000, and at 13 feet away they were great projectors, but as i moved the chair closer i went to 11 feet from the screen and the pixels show up very clearly.
I am afraid unless you have a decent sized room say 15 feet or more in length then go for a crt projector they are coming down in price now and offer a far superior picture than most lcd dlp systems.


I agree,
My Hs1 is the same .I can see pixels everywhere.But what do we want for only £2000.That is probably no money!! However I do not earn that much to be able to shine here with vw11 or else.The
hs1 best performs with HCPC .My wonder ATI 8500 card - Fabulous.Even managed to get rid of the pixelated effect on the screen. Regarding dead pix.I have 2 and other bunch of dirt .But from normal viewing distsnce can't notice.Also getting a grey screen helped a lot. BOB

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