Sony VPL 400 lcd projector: Advice please!


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Feb 21, 2004
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I've just bought one of these for £440 on Ebay. It's in great condition but I'm having problems setting it up.
I'm projecting on to a 1:1 gain 60in screen from 9ft distance. I can't get the focus perfectly sharp, it seems to max out just before it gets there.
Any advice from someone who has experience of this machine would be be much appreciated.
Thanks to any replies!
If you can't focus at 9 feet, the lens needs re-aligning.
There are 4 bolts that need to be loosened and the whole lens slid backwards or forwards a few mm.
Not an end user job as the projector has to be stripped down to get to these bolts.
The lens is factory set to give focus over the typical throw that would normally be used. It's most unlikely that all four bolts have come loose on their own. Someone may have been fiddling.
If you need more info, PM me.

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