Sony VPH-600QM maximum resolution and the Xbox 360


Red Dwarf

My mate now wants to know the maximum resolution he can use his Xbox 360 at with his VPH-600QM using the RGB inputs for the projector.

The manual for the VPH-600QM says it can display:
Centre: 900 TV lines (RGB inputs)
(typical value) 520 TV lines (for video line inputs, NTSC)
RGB Inputs: Character display capacity: 2000 characters (80 letters x 25 lines)
Horizontal frequency: 15.75kHz
Vertical frequency: 50/60Hz

His Xbox 360 has options like:
Standard definition: PAL 50/60Hz

High definition: 480P

He will be bringing his Xbox 360 around in a few days to update the firmware with the newer 1080P option.

I am fairly sure he will be limited to standard definition only, so will have to opt for PAL 60Hz to get the best the projector can handle.
I am not sure if the Xbox 360 will output this through the RGB connections on it's cable or just the composite connection (yellow RCA plug) or if the RGB connections are only for high definition.

What is the maximum safe resolution he can use the projector at with his Xbox 360?

What is the maximum safe resolution he can use the projector at with any other video source?

I know there is a limit based on the horizontal scan frequency and the bandwidth but I am not sure how to determine the maximum safe resolution, I read somewhere that too high a resolution can damage the projector very quickly.

Red Dwarf

Cheers mate :thumbsup: , that is what I figured, I didn't want him to risk damaging his projector so I though I would ask here.

Mad Mr H

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Red Dwarf - As you are fairly new here could I just mention to you that there is a "thanks" button in the bottom right of every post made by others...............;) .

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