Sony VPD-MX10 questions.



Hi there,

I've got some questions about a Sony VPD-MX10 projector, I'm hoping someone can help or can point me to a useful URL.

1. When using an analog video source, the whole picture is not displayed. It's as if the width and height are not set correctly. The effect is small (certainly not as large as a 16:9 / 4:3 mismatch).

When in video mode, the projector menus do not offer any width or height adjustment, just H and V shift adjustment - which reveal that the picture has been cropped in both width and height - I can scroll to the missing parts of the image, L/R and up/down.

There is also a "frame" of grey around the picture, which is suspiciously approx the same size as the missing part of the image. Is this normal ?

Is there a maintenance menu for this projector, where the width and height of the image can be adjusted into the viewable area ?

I have tried component (via the 15pin connector), SVHS and composite from my (ageing) Sony DVP-S725P DVD player, and composite from a video recorder (as an off air tuner) - with the same results.

However, when using SVGA from a PC, the whole picture is displayed.

2. I'm planning to upgrade that old DVD machine, and was wondering if there are any DVD players with DVI outputs, as it doesn't make sense to me to convert to analog, when the projector is a digital device with a digital interface ..... ? Yes ? No ? :)

3. Failing that, is progressive scan PAL compatible with the MX10 ? perhaps a Pioneer 747A with Techtronics Enterprise mod ?

All advice gratefully received.

Thanks for taking the time to read this !


It sounds from your description that this is quite normal "overscan".

Donnacha asked a similar question about the AE100 (which does much the same) with PC shows all the pic, Composite/Component/S-Video crops about 5% or so. I think the bestway to explain it is that it is left as a margin of error as these sources are prone to being messy at the edges.

look here for more info

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your post.

The thread you quoted describes what I'm seeing exactly, and I agree with your sentiments in that thread 100%.

So this is normal then, wow.

It seems absurd to me that one is projecting a large - yet incomplete - image. I'd much prefer to see the whole picture and put up with tatty edges now and again.

If anyone knows of a hack, or hidden or engineering menu for the Sony which allows adjustment of width and height, I'd be really grateful.

Failing that its a PC I guess, however I'm really not sure that I want to do that. I work with PC's all day long, and the last thing I want is a PC to watch movies on - I just have visions of it crashing just as the movie gets to the good bit !

Best regards,


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