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Sony Video Upconvert Problem

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Fat Arnie, Jul 9, 2004.

  1. Fat Arnie

    Fat Arnie

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    I've got a Sony STR DA500ES Receiver which I am in general very pleased with. :D

    The amp has video upconvert SVideo to Component as a feature, and it works - ish. :thumbsdow

    I want everything (including my Futronix dimmer) to work off one remote :D - The Sony remote does this at present however I have one problem: :eek:

    My "TV" is a Sanyo Z1 projector, and I use the component cable to connect receiver to projector.

    Watching DVD, which has component out, switched by the amp into the projector all works 100% OK. :smashin:

    Watching Sky+ using the projector with a direct SVideo connection works fine. :smashin:

    Watching Sky+ using either the SVideo in and the SVideo to the projector OR using SVideo in - Upconvert to Component innthe amp and then Component to the projector both suffer the same problem in that any sudden change of contrast in the picture appears to cause the projector to "lose synch" and the last good picture freezes with a horizontal bar across it at around 10% of the picture height. :thumbsdow :thumbsdow Adverts in particular play havoc with it. Most of the time the projector does not recover without intervention (cycle input selector)

    So 1st question is - I guess the video switchinmg in the amp is messing things up as the native signal works. There are some video upconvert settings in the amp as follows:

    UP YUV Hue
    UP YUV Sharpness
    UP YUV Colour

    Anyone know of the ideal settings here - they are each calibrated 1-5 and setting them all to 4 seems to cause the problem to occur least.

    How can I fix it??

    There is no provision on the Sony remote to write a macro which can switch the projector video input mode specifc to the source selected, so I cannot run S and component video cables direct without going through the amp and keep the system so wife/kid can still use it.

    I could use the RGB out on the SKY+ box through an RGB to Component convertor, and on the basis the DVD Componet works through the amp OK, this also might. The doubter is that the SVideo out from the DVD, if switched through the amp does not suffer the same issue the Sky does.

    I have swapped the Skyplus box with a different one and the problem does not change.

    I'm baffled. What can I do which will fix the system and keep it wife operation compliant?

    Thx in advance......... :thumbsup:

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