Sony VGX-XL100 or should I wait


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I'm really tempted by the Sony VGX-XL100, but there have been a few problems reported with screen resolutions etc, and the fact that it doesn't have VGA, or dual tuners. Also, people have said it's not possible to play all commercial DVD films.

Does anyone know if Sony are realeasing and new version of the XL100, and if so should I wait to see how that does?



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Next one won't have VGA or Dual tuner's either, the chassis will remain the same. No reason why you can't play all commercial films as its a stock DVD RW drive. There are apparently another two due out in Autumn time one of which will feature Blu Ray too. I have one and absolutely love it. Think it also won a T3 award this week as best Media Centre too! Validation of my purchase :clap:

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