Sony VGX XL-100 and Hauppauge Nova-T-500.


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I have reported elsewhere about the problems of installing the Nova-T-500 in the Sony. Here are some observations after using them both for nearly a week.

With the Avermedia card disabled I was able to run the dual tuners without any problems - tuning, waking, sleeping, recording, everything expected. The quality is slightly better, but not alot - but enough to make me want to use them as A and B in a triple setup.

This is when the fun started.

With the cards set up as Antenna A: Nova-T (0); Antenna B: Nova-T (1) and Antenna C: Avermedia, a simultaneous triple record was succesful.

Subsequent reboots eventually resulted in the complete lose of channel listings, although no loss of signal. Rebooting the following morning and a fresh scan for more channels returned some channel listings, but ALL signals had been lost.

I then tried the following arrangement: Antenna A: Avermedia; Antenna B: Nova-T (0) and Antenna C: Nova-T (1). This setup has now been in place for nearly 5 days and triple recordings have been set on 10 occassions and about the same number of single recordings.

The recorder history is showing multiple errors - late starts, partial recordings, signal loss during recording, due to "system malfunction" and "power loss" - but only 2 of the 30 triples failed altogether. So not perfect, but then when was MCE!

The big issue at the moment is standby. Ordinary in/out of standby is no problem, waking from standby to record works fine , but the system will not return to the "orange light" standby - it remains in the "blinking orange" state [no pun intended ;) ] that it uses to record in. Confusingly Sony call this 'standby' too.


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It's simple - you describe the same problems I had with any "other" tuner and the Avermedia one - basically constant failures - just forget about using the Avermedia tuner and all will be well!

I have the same set-up as you and I've not hacked the system to use 3 tuners because of all the conflicts the built in tuner has working with any other tuners...

I plan to get another Hauppage twin tuner card and try a 4 tuner set up and ditch the Avermedia!



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I think I'm going to follow suit tomorrow, but not necessarily the quad setup.


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I have uninstalled both Avermedia and Hauppauge, and restored the setup similar to jetbootjack with the Avermedia disabled and the Hauppauge setup as a conventional two tuners in MCE.

The problem I still have is that it will not suspend to S3 after recording :mad: :mad: .

In all other situations it will happily suspend to S3.

Is there anybody else running Hauppauge tuners in a Sony :lease: .


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I have just bought a second hand Sony VGX but he has removed the harddrive - does anyone know the model number or can I buy anyone from Ebuyer?
Also he has installed a second TV card and nothing seems to work? Which is the original sony card installed

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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