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Hi. Last week I ordered and got a so called refurbished Fiio M7 DAP as a birthday present for my wife. ..Her Old Apple nano has a battery whuch would not last a decent walk .. I myself am a Sony NWA 45 and 35 and previously 25 user. .So in a spirit of independence, wanted her to have something different
Well the Fiio arrived , and obviously not refurbished , but brand new in full packaging etc . The inital price was very attractive but the added carriage and customs duty brought it up to about 130 euro..still cheaper than a new Sony, but getting into the ballpark.
Extremely attractive machine with a lot of heft. It sort of looks like one of those massive Colibri table top cigarette lighters from the 1960s fabulous first impression. The Sony looks svelte and pedestrian in comparison. The Fiio is at least twice the volume and maybe three times the weight.

Now the bad
. The FM radio is nowhere as good as on the Sony. It has whistles and crackles where the Sony had silence. Even the fm radio on my Sony ZC phone of 8 years ago is clearer

The software both on the machine and for the PC nowhere as well developed as on the Sony.

Basically there is nothing for the PC,other than to consider it as a usb memory stick and load using windows files onto the memory chip. .. Incidentally it has no worthwhile memory ,so a memory card is necessary..(not a problem). After tedious efforts and succeeding in getting some files over, I decided to stick her memory card into my Sony and use the Sony Mediago to do the transfer . Then when 60 Gb transferred as FLACs to swop the card back .. Success!!.
At one stage and one time, I attached the M7 to the PC running the Sony Media Go software using the usb link, and it was recognised as a DAP. How I achieved this I cannot replicate.
The internal software on the M7 is also clunky There are 5 actions to be taken before the music on the add in card can be played. Power on etc.. . Failure to do these in a specific order gets app failure after this it is normal.
The artwork and meta data does follow from the Sony.

And finally the Good.. as a player it is at least as clear as the Sony and can go much louder . So in the most important area it does stand comparison ,maybe better..the jury is out on that.
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