Sony Vegas Pro 8.0 Problems


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Having two problems with Sony Vegas Pro 8.0

1) I'm editing a file, many different clips involved, loads of effects but this shouldn't cause the problem I'm having. I have about 45 minutes of clips all together, the effects are just in the first 8 minutes.

Randomly, out of nowhere I get "Sony Vegas has stopped working". Therefore it has to close and despite the auto-save saving my file, it is extremely annoying. The file takes 15 minutes to open every time, so you can see why I'm annoyed.

I have just finished the file, and I want to render it (Only first 8 minutes however). I have attempted rendering twice now (said it will take 8 hours). The first time, it got to 30% before coming up with the error "Sony Vegas has stopped working", the second time it didn't get passed 0%.

2) This has always happened, and the larger the file, the worse it happens. Once the file is fully opened and editing can commence, everything works fine (forget the first problem for just a minute). However, when I click off of Sony Vegas into another program (such as Firefox, or even simply replying to a message in live messenger) and then return to Vegas, I have the spinning disk as my cursor showing its "working" or something and therefore I have to wait 10 minutes or so (depending on file size) before I can continue editing. This repeats everytime I click off of vegas. If I attempt to do anything withen the spinning disk period, it completely doesn't respond and the only way out is to close and re-open (end task, the simple way doesn't work ofc)

The first problem is extremely annoying, the second is workable, but would appreciate help with both, thanks a lot in advance.


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Quite a few folk on here use Vegas, some the MS version
Howevr, Unless it is a well known problem, you might not get anyone to help.. mainly because they may be one the wiser having never come across it themselves
I use Vegas and though not ver 9 Ive found it exceptionally stable.
Ive had what you describe with ver 7 but in the end I just reinstalled it and that was the end of the issu
It might be a known bug for which a fix is being developed , or mabe a specific clash with other software on your system, fragmented disc .. could be pretty much anything

If you dont have any joy here you can try Vegas own forums


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Good luck
I would also give Vegas Users forum a look though. i did join it but seldom go there now as Ive had flawless performance from it since version 6

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