Sony Vegas 8, codec missing!



Hello, I've had this problem for months and it's driving me nuts! I can't open the audio MPEG 3 Layer on xvid.avi video. It opens the video to timeline but doesn't show audio. Some important codec is missing... I downloaded tons of codecs... ending with K-lite codec pack but nothing!

I'm trying to open thouse 350meg xvid TV series videos !

Please. anyone?


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sorry to jump into this thread but I also have a question.
If I were to buy Vegas 8d now, if/when they release 8e+ with 1920 support for Panasonic AVCHD can I upgrade to it?


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Yes, assuming there is an 8.0e. All of the update versions (a, b, c, d, etc) are free if you own the major release (e.g. Version 8).


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Is this why Vegas 8 Platinum crashes when I try to import 1920 video (as 1440)? Or is there something else wrong?!!

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