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I have just bought a sony vaio VPCL all in one pc.I am trying to connect to my virgin media set top box but windows media centre cannot find any signal.I have connected through an ordinary coax aerial cable.the older model of the same was no problem connecting the same way.any advise would be welcome thanks


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How have you setup the tuner?

Remember the RF output of your Virgin box will be an analogue RF signal.

I don't know the L series tuner setup but if it's anything like some of the other Sony's I own (have owned) it probably has 1 analogue tuner and one digital. You will only be able to tune in the Virgin box using the analogue tuner and I think media center only does one or the other not both so you need to make sure your trying with the analogue. If it's a newer two digital tuner only with no analogue you won't be able to tune to the VM box using RF. You will have to feed via composite video or s-vhjs if the L series and VM box have the necessary inputs and outputs. Unfortunately I don't think the L series has any other video inputs except HDMI.

Actually just checked the Sony UK website and it says on the L14 series it's a double digital DVB-T tuner so you won't be able to tune in your VM box I'm afraid if that's the 14L you have and the Sony site is correct. It doesn't list the tuner types for the other models (and the specs aren't always right anyway) so I can't be 100% sure.


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Thanks Andy yes its a Avermedia A311 Minicard Dual DVBT .Does this mean there is no way to watch tv with Virgin Media at all,or is it possible to use different leads(or if I change to a v+ box that has HDMI)


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Depends on what other video inputs the Sony PC has.

I think it only has an RF in and a HDMI in unfortunately, so with dual DVB-T tuners you can't tune it in via RF. Plus if I'm right there is no composite video, s-vhs or other video inputs so your choices are limited.

You can get a box that has an HDMI output and connect that way, though I seem to remeber all the PC will do is act as a display (I don't think you can record or do anything else). Or buy an additional external device such as a USB tuner or capture device that has the necessary connection such as RF analogue, composite video etc. an set media center to use that as a tuner/input.

The lack of secondary video outputs and inputs on the L series is one reason I won't be buying one.


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Thanks again Andy.Just took for granted that my if my old sony vaio worked then spending a few bob on a new one it would have at least what the old one had plus more.If the hdmi works then that would be fine as I have never recorded through the pc anyway and the v+ does your recording for you .Just more expense upgrading to v+ when I thought the basic would do
Thanks again


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A Power button
B DISPLAY OFF button/DISPLAY OFF indicator (page 15)
Press this button to turn off the LCD backlight. While the HDMI
input or the video input is selected as the audio/video input
source by the INPUT SELECT button (page 13), pressing this
button also turns off the volume.
C Air exhaust vent
D Memory module compartment cover (page 101)
E VIDEO INPUT jacks*1 (page 51)
F HDMI INPUT port*1 (page 51)
G AC input port (page 16)
H Prop-up stand (page 108)
I VHF/UHF input port*1 (page 48)
J Network (LAN) port (page 72)
K OPTICAL OUT port (page 84)
(Output Sampling Rate: 44.1 KHz/48.0 KHz/96.0 KHz)
L USB ports*2 (page 86)
M CONNECT button (page 29), (page 33)
*1 On selected models only.
*2 Compliant with the USB 2.0 standard and support high-/full-/low- speeds.

Does this help Andy


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E VIDEO INPUT jacks*1 (page 51)

It might if the above includes a composite video or s-vhs input, in which case you should be able at the very least to connect by composite video. No such ports are listed on the spec sheet but I've found those specs are often incomplete or inaccurate.

Like this

But these ports aren't on all models or country versions.

If there is next to the HDMI a triple RCA connector, one yellow for video one red and one white for audio then you can connect to that either direct off your Virgin box if it has composite video and audio out or via a suitable scart to composite/stereo rca audio adapter.

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