Sony vaio vpcf23z1e/b or Asus G74SX-91234z

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    Hello Guys..

    I am looking to purchase a 3d laptop mainly used for Multimedia stuffs (Iam not a gamer till now).Screen quality is really important.Not gonna carry often too. Laptop audio is not really important to me as iam going to hook it up with my home theatre system(Pioneer lx-01) through v-Dac&v-psu.
    I couldn't find much review on sony vaio vpcf23z1/e and Asus g74sx-91234z(Too many sub models under Asus G74sx,too confusing)

    In general Asus G74sx model some guys found issues with Track pad. Gives a cheaper look with rubber and plastic stuffs!!.The best thing with Asus i think its having total of 16GB ram capacity and 3gb graphics card and 1.5tb hard drive,also comes with N-vidia 3d glass.With this spec i think it will future proof for few years!!!

    Sony comes with its own 3d glass,8gb ram and 2gb graphics card,640gb hard drive,but most guys saying the screen quality is great and not any hardware issues.

    I couldn't find it properly about the screen as its mentioned diffrently in diffrent places for both laptops (Tft Lcd,Lcd,Led)!!!

    VPCF217HG : F Series : VAIO™ Laptop & Computer : Sony India

    The above sony model offers great spec (except grapics card,not sure about the screen) compare to uk model and costs around 1200 Pounds only..

    What u guys think ?? which laptop i can go far?? If you own any of the above laptops pls share u r experience ...

    Thank's for reading


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