Sony Vaio VGX XL301 Help Needed Urgent thanks


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I am thinking of getting one of these but would like to know if I can change the following

Will the mobo accept a Q6600 processor?
Will I be able to change the graphics card?
If anybody has one of these please let me know or if you can point me in the right direction that would help
I have checked the manual and can;t find the answers

Thanks :thumbsup:

Muj Rahman


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FWIW - Hardware changes in VAIO's aren't always that simple. I remember changing the graphics card an earlier XL and had a few compatibility issues.

In terms of the processor - assume the socket is the same, you may be able to upgrade the processor, but VAIO don't publish details of what you can upgrade to as they want to discourage people from opening them up and changing components and possibly electrocuting themselves.


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Thanks Nehalem

I bought a XL301, I googled the board and found that it should be the same socket type, will have a go when it turns up and I have a GIGABYTE ATI 4550 to go in, will see what happens :thumbsup:

How many sticks of memory have you inside your machine, thats if you still have it?


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Oh you can max the memory up to I think 4gb without any problem - it will tell you on the vaio website what the max is but I think all the Vista machines take 4gb.

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