Sony Vaio FW display on Samsung SyncMaster 2333HD


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Hi there!

I'm hoping this doesn't cross-thread... I have hunted around and can't see a similar question...

I have a Sony Vaio FW21Z laptop that has an ATI Mobility Radeon HD3650 graphics card with an HDMI out port.

I just got a Samsung SyncMaster 2333HD monitor to use with it, and am having real trouble :thumbsdow

Basically, if I connect using HDMI to HDMI, the Monitor realises that the native resolution is [email protected], but the display is pants; it looks sharp...ish, but it doesn't fill the screen (there's about a 10mm border all around the screen), and the text/images look a bit fuzzy.

When I use the supplied VGA-VGA cable, the screen completely fills, but the colours look a bit washed out, and the screen basically doesn't look as 'sharp' as via HDMI...

I really don't get it! The VGA looks really smooth, and it says that, even over VGA, the resolution is still [email protected], but it doesn't seem like it... the res looks a lot lower compared to the HDMI image.

The monitor also has a DVI input, though I don't have DVI output on the laptop... just HDMI and VGA.

Really, the image 'looks' better on HDMI, but somethings not quite right about it...

I appreciate I've not really asked an obvious question... I guess my questions are, what is the difference between the different connections, what am I missing using VGA, why does the HDMI-HDMI not look as perfect as the native display on the actual laptop 1080p screen? (I am using a '[Tesco]Technika 1.5m 1.3b HDMI compliant cable'; do I need a better cable)? Will using an HDMI->DVI adapter and plugging in to the monitor that way make a difference?

Sorry if any of this is dumb, but I would really appreciate any guidance! :thumbsup:




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Does anyone have any ideas about this? Particularly what visual difference one would get on a VGA display at [email protected] vs an HDMI display at [email protected]?

Since posting the original post, I've kinda got used to the VGA, and it actually looks really nice at that res on the SyncMaster over VGA... but I just think that since my Laptop has an HDMI output and the SyncMaster has an HDMI input... I should be able to use HDMI? Is HDMI not the be-all-and-end-all in HiDef resolutions? Is VGA actually ok? I always thought VGA was an analogue/converted inferior signal whereas HDMI was direct digital and therefore offers a cleaner more precise image?

Of course, I am likely talking from my rear, but it would be good if someone with some knowledge can put my mind at rest :thumbsup:

When I use an HDMI cable between the laptop and the screen, the image is sharp looking (i.e. it looks like if it was ok, the image would look superior to the VGA), but there is ghosting around the characters on screen, and the image doesn't completely fill the screen like it does over VGA. In fact, the display is un-usable using HDMI, no matter what configuration changes I make to the display/resolution I choose.

Any ideas?


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Thanks for the response :thumbsup:

Yes, I learned from looking about on the interpipes that the screen being smaller on the monitor than it's native size might well be overscan...

In the end I've had a bit of a nightmare sorting it on my Sony Vaio FW! I have recently installed Windows7 (RC and now Retail), and have not been able to install Catalyst Control Centre which you need to adjust the scaling options.

In the end I discovered that you need to use Mobility Modder to mod the ATI drivers to get CCC to install... NIGHTMARE! :mad: (I *think* because Sony somehow bar the update or something... I don't really know the ins-and-outs)

So after modding the ATI drivers and installing CCC, I now have the ability to amend the scaling, and whilst I can now resolve the screen size issue, the problem around the display just looking pants is not resolved...

Over VGA, the clarity of the screen at the native res is lovely, but it seems to lack that real razor-sharp edge that the actual screen on the laptop has at [email protected]... so I am assuming that if HDMI was working as it should, the display should visually match the display of the laptop screen in terms of clarity?

Since it doesn't look right over HDMI (text looks blurry etc...) no matter what scalling or display options I play with, I am guessing it could be the cheap HDMI cable... so I will likely try one of my expensive ones that I use for SkyHD/PS3 to see if it makes a difference...

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