Sony VAIO F Series VS ASUS N Series


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Hey everyone,

I have been doing a lot of research on a new laptop to buy, and I have narrowed down my choices to the following two laptops:

Sony VAIO F Series VPCF23JFX/BC 16.4"
Sony VAIO F Series VPCF23JFX/BC 16.4" VPCF23JFX/BC B&H

ASUS N73SV-DH72 17.3"
ASUS N73SV-DH72 17.3" Notebook Computer N73SV-DH72 B&H

My initial requirements included:
Size: >16"
Processor: Intel i7 Second Gen
Price Range: <$1,200

My wants include:
Good audio quality
Solid keyboard (backlit would be preferable)
Battery life not terrible
Reliable manufacturer (If either Sony or ASUS is more reliable for quality, that would be a factor)

I will be using it for mostly web browsing, multimedia (music and movie playback/streaming), productivity apps (word, excel, etc...), and downloading, often at the same time.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me!
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There is a substantial difference in cost between the Sony and the Asus.


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Actually the Sony is out of stock at that store, and the price there was much cheaper than anywhere else I saw, so the price is actually fairly close together. I just listed that website because it shows most of the important specs


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I nearly bought the Asus, but wanted a chiclet island style keyboard, also go & see the Asus first the plastic on the on the arm rest/pad area feels strange.

After months of waiting for the Asus I was quite disappointed when I finally saw it & ended up getting a Acer 5951G as Comet in the UK had it for £700 vs everywhere else at £900.
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