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Sony VA-555ES And Bose Acoutimass 15mk2 Speaker/crossover settings?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by SCARFACE, Apr 16, 2003.



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    Hi there,

    Have the above setup and am having difficulty deciding the correct settings for the following,


    Speaker size : at the moment set at large

    Speaker level: at the moment Front/center/rear all set
    at the factory setting(equal)

    Speaker distance: at the moment set at measured distance between myself and speakers/sub,

    Fronts: 8 Feet
    Center: 8 Feet
    Rears: 3 Feet
    Sub: 8 Feet

    Should these be set to measured distance or further / closer

    LFE cutoff : at moment set at standard 120HZ

    LFE mix level : can someone please explain this to me as the manual is a lttle bit vague as well as the best setting, at moment set at 0dB

    Bose Acoustimass Module/Sub:

    LFE Setting : at the moment I have the dail turned completely clockwise(max)

    Bass Level: at the moment have dial set in the middle.

    Any help and tips with above would be appreciated.



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