Sony V2500 Help Please!


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Dear All,
Firstly, Hi to you first post.

I have recently bought a V2500 and have just component video leads to connect up my Philips DVP3020 DVD player, which I have done but unfortunately I am not able to get any form of picture at all! The sound is coming through ok but no picture! I have double checked all the leads are in the correct positions and they are fine...

Please can someone help as I really want the TV to give me the best possible picture with the DVD.... :lease:

Many thanks...


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I assume you've selected the correct input on the TV and plugged the three colour coded cables in their colour coded sockets? Maybe there is also a setting on your DVD player to switch to component out?
Yeah, Component video probably needs enabled.

Handy tip: connect the GREEN Component cable into the YELLOW Composite video output of the player temporarily. This will give you a weird-looking black and white picture, but it'll be possible to go into the player's menus and make the necessary changes to turn Component out on - without having to find new cables.

Once you've enabled Component out, the picture will go off completely. Now make the Component connections as normal (Green to Green, Blue to Blue, Red to Red) and you should be in business.


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Lyris! Your a genius! Ive now got it to work by following your tip below... Wow, what a difference on the picture! Fantastic! Thats a beer or 2 on me m8...


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