Sony V or Samsung


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I'm looking to buy my first LCD tv.
The only HD sorce will be my Xbox 360 and good old DVD's
The question is i like the look of these two set's both of similar spec, but which to buy and more importantly why?
Sony KDL40V2000 £1299

If i plump for the Sony will i be paying for the badge or the technology.


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Go to a store and play with the picture settings. The default settings will be terrible I'm sure. Anyway after a while you'll be able to decide for yourself as I have.

PS yes I got a sony :)


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would suggest you look for the F series samsung instead, will be a much better choice for the xbox.:smashin:


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We've spent loads of time demo-ing LCD screens over the last week (Mrs is now going off the idea of getting one at all!) and have discounted the Samsung because of the audio quality. The Sammy's speaker is at the bottom of the screen (nothing unusual there) but the sound is directed on to a lip across the bottom of the screen. We felt this added a tinny sound to the Sammy's audio that we couldn't tune out. If you use external or seperate speakers this is unlikely to be an issue.

We also preferred the matt finish on the Sony to the high gloss on the Samsung.

Picture quality? Once adjusted there was very little to choose, but we felt the Sony may have been slightly ahead.

Models compared were those listed by Farno.


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I've been looking at the samsung, but bear in mind it can be had for under £1000 if you look around (empire direct) as an example, or 1029 in currys if they have stock yet - plus 5% voucher and free delivery code, making it 970 ish.

Oh, and the Sony can be had from amazon for example for £1200 but possibly cheaper elsewhere.

This might just change your mind. Me, I'm still trying to decide!


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would suggest you look for the F series samsung instead, will be a much better choice for the xbox.:smashin:

But this is a £300 to £400 extra panel.. Hence isnt comparable.
I think the test is a side by side comparrision.
I recently did this with a 40V2000 and 40W2000. As a punter there pretty much nothing in it. It it just notacable when you are within 1 metre. So im beggining to wonder if the 1080 thing is just manufactures hype and not really worth it on a PQ V £ scale. I could save a load of cash towards me next TV..
Saying that I still aint made me mind up.. I think I shouldnt of read these forums just went and bought the 40V2000 like i was gonna originally :)
Anyway hears to another week of reading :D

What I suggest is go see both panels (sony & samsung) check out the build, the connectivity, the viewing angle, PQ should be the same so i wouldnt worry on this, Check the 2 respective threads in hear... Then if you still cant make your mind up go on price.

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