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Hi am looking to buy a new camera & have narrowed it down to either of these:

Sony DSC-T30
Casio EX-Z1000

Can anyone tell me in there experience which one you recommend.




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Have a look at Ken Rockwells site for Casio reviews.

He likes it but slates the movie mode although i hear Casio have a firmware upgade that addresses this. The Z850 warrants consideration, I have had a Z750 for 18 months and can't praise it enough.

While you are at the steves-digicams site go to the forums section there is a lot of model specific info there.



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Got a Z1000 myself, which I tend to carry with me most of the time.

Very easy to use, but can also be manually controlled for some effective shots.

The movie mode I find is okay (not up to a true video camera but then it's not one).

The only issue I find is that the flash takes a long time to charge and you can miss shots because of it.

+ points
Great screen
Easy shooting modes
Manual override/controls
Can display/setup most key parameters from the "right hand menu" (can't think of a better way of describing it).
10M pixels
Shares the same batteys as my 600Pro

- points
flash seems slow to charge
10M means noise at higher isos


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i had a casio ex-z50 just over a year ago, the photos where ok in normal light, but in low light pretty dismal, a friend of mine has that sony you mentioned and if i had to pick one out of those two, i would choose the sony.

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