Question Sony UBP-X800 networking issues



UBP-X800 Provisioning Server error and server error code 48

Bought this back in October from Richer Sounds.

On set up, it updated firmware over the network and all functions were fine apart from network features, e.g. Netflix - none of which have been visible or function from day 1. On trying to open the "Apps" menu, I receive a message saying "Connection status cannot be confirmed. The service requested was not found. The server returned with the following reference code 48".

The player's connection to the internet is fine when used over both wired and wireless connections, as it was able to update over the network and all other diagnostics seem to be fine. Plex over my home network also works fine.

The only other error that appears is in the Setup menu, under System Settings/System Information, where it says "Provisioning Server Connection Status: Failed".

Have tried all the various troubleshooting steps available online (e.g. changing DNS settings to and turning off for one minute, doing factory reset, etc etc.) however none have resolved the above issue.

It's annoying spending £300+ on a top of the range player which cannot even access Netflix like my other Sony 3100 (£50?) can without any issue.

Anyone able to help?


My ISP upgraded my property to fibre from copper including changing some of the networking hardware, and it mysteriously started working properly. I think some configuration issue on their end.

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