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    Hi All,

    I've recently upgraded my Netflix account to Ultra HD and have found that I can't get a fast enough connection through the Blu-ray player to stream in 4K. I've done speed tests ( and it's comfortably achieving 35+ Mbps but the display onscreen shows ~5Mbps which is only good enough for 1080 resolution. I've spoken to my ISP and everything is fine speed wise. I've spoken to Netflix who spent 75 minutes thoroughly going through diagnostics and said that it must be the blu-ray player as everything at Netflix's end looks fine. I've also tried it on a different ISP at my parents and that's still the same, I've also logged in my friends Netflix account and still the same, this is driving me mad!!!

    I can stream 4K via Youtube and Amazon Prime video with no problem.

    Details below of setup.

    Internet connection is via CAT6 ethernet from bluray to hub, WiFi is the same result

    Internet is with Sky Broadband Fibre Max

    Bluray connection to Marantz 6012R via HDMI, I've also tried direct connection to projector but still the same

    Marantz to Optoma UHD550X projector via HDMI

    Can anyone help please?

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