Sony TV sound not coming through Yamaha receiver


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My TV sound is not coming through the receiver, only through the TV speakers. My Sky box and blue ray player work correctly, picture on TV and sound through receiver. We only use Sky really as it has Netflix, Disney etc but be good to get the TV sound working through the receiver. I've tried many things but no joy, hope someone can shed some light on what I'm doing wrong.

My Sony KD85XH9505 TV is connected to a Yamaha RX-A830 receiver both via the arc HDMI ports. Arc is enabled on the receiver and the TV is set to "Audio system", HDMI control enabled on the receiver too.

My sky box and blue ray player are connected to the receiver via HDMI and as stated above work correctly.

If the receiver is turned off the sound from the sky box comes through the TV speakers so I imagine arc is working correctly.

Appreciate any help.


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Are you using a premium HDMI cable with Ethernet to connect the TV to the AVR? Is the TV set to bitstream or PCM?


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Sounds (no pun intended) to be an issue with ARC or eARC if unable to output audio sourced via the TV to the AV receiver via the HDMI cable connecting them. Are you sure that you've connected the cable from the ARC enabled output on the AVR to the ARC enabled input on the TV? Only one input on the TV will be ARC enabled. Have you turned ARC and HDMI Control (HDMI CEC) on onboard both the TV and the AVR?

The most common cause of issues with ARC is the cable being used so that is the first thing I'd try changing if and when you are sure that you've actually turned ARC and HDMI CEC on. Sony don't however have a very good reputation when it copmes to ARC though and Sony TVs do invariably fail to function correctly in this department.

A PREMIUM certified cable isn't required for ARC and only eARC requires ethernet channel compliance. You would be advised to use a cable rated ar least HIGH SPEED in nature though and most if not all new cables will be ethernet channel compliant. Amazon's own Basics cables aren't certified, but are very reliable, dependable and affordable:

Amazon product

Whether you set the TV to PCM or a BITSTREAM option is of no importance when it comes to actually getting ARC to work. All these settings do is determine the format the audio is when output. PCM will result in all sources being output as 2 channel PCM regardless of their original formatting and BITSTREAM will result in the audio being output in its original format. THe latter is the preferable one to use if using an AV receiver and will enable you to access mulrtichannel sources as they were encoded.

The fact that the AV receiver successfully passes through HDMI sources while in standby has nothing to do with ARC and is no assurance that ARC is working.

ARC repurposes the HDMI connection between a TV and an AV receiver or soundbar to enable the TV to output audio to said AVR or soundbar using the HDMI cable that would ordinarilly only be used to convey video (and audio in some instances) to the TV. ARC is used if the TV or other devices connected to it are the source. THis is most commonly used if using a TV's smart app or tuners and wanting to use an AV receiver or soundbar to portray the audio as opposed to the TV's own speakers.

Another thing that you could try is powering sown both the TV and the AV receiver at the mains. disconnecting the existing HDMI cablecable and then powering the TV and AVR back up. Now power them back down, reconnect the HDMI cable and power them up again. It sometimes works, but invariably not.
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Thanks all for your advice.

The hdmi cable I'm using is KabelDirekt HDMI, I think it should be ok but that's not to say it can't be faulty, I'll order a new one.

I'll have to enlist the help of a friend to get the 85 incher off the wall and spend a morning on the suggestions above.

Will keep you posted.

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