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Sony tv - Sony DVD. B/w picture only. Help

mr scoops

Standard Member
I have a Sony tv (kdl32ex403) in the kitchen at home and have attempts to connect a Sony DVD player (dvP-f21).
The DVD is quite old but a good little unit, and afaik in good working order.
I am using S-Video out from the DVD to a scart video / phono audio input on the tv.
However, the output will only show in in b/w not colour.
Any ideas?


Well-known Member
I think the scart socket you are connecting to doesn't support s-vhs, you are most likely connecting to the scart scoket via an adapter not a signal converter and s-vhs uses a different colour signal to composite or RGB video used over scart hence the b&w picture.

Either see if any of the scart sockets (assuming there are any others) accept s-vhs (many of Sony's higher end TVs have at least one scart that will accept s-vhs) or connect the DVD to the TV using a scart to scart lead for best picture or you could use composite video.

mr scoops

Standard Member
The DVD only has s-video out or component out.

Might be time for a new one as I think its around 8/9 yrs old now. Many thanks.

Chris Muriel

Distinguished Member
Note that s-video cables are directional so yours could be connecting signals in the wrong direction - unless your s-video lead or adaptor has a direction switch, in which case it must simply be set in the correct mode.

Chris Muriel, currently working in Madrid but normally..


Distinguished Member
The Sony EX403 does not support S-Video at all (i.e. there is no S-video input or Y/C enabled scart that can be used with an adapter). Since Y (Luminance) is pin common to composite then this is why you just get a monochrome picture via your scart adapter

The EX403 does however have a Component input as does your DVD player output you say. This will involve the use of 3 video cables and 2 audio cables. The picture quality will be excellent but do you really want so many leads between the DVD player and the TV in the kitchen?

For under £20 you can get a new DVD player with RGB out on scart which the EX403 will work well with.

Better still for only a few quid more you can get an upscaling DVD player and connect to the EX403 with an HDMI cable (£1 in Poundland) which is far less obtrusive than the scart plugs/cable let alone the Component solution.
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