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Okay. Just note that if you want to play PS4 Pro or Xbone X/S in 4K HDR, because those sources are 60fps, you have to have enhanced mode enabled.
I may have lucked out... I only own the first release of PS4... I wonder if that’s why Saving Private Ryan wouldn’t show up on my screen with enhanced turned off (gave me a warning that the movie was specially formatted).

for now, everything works. I’m going to go run som errands and try everything again when I get home - specifically the enhanced mode again.Now that everything works too, I’m heading out to investigate the rear Samsung speakers that are available with this soundbar too. Wish me luck! Thanks for your help!


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Everything suddenly stopped working. Just stepped in from work. Went to turn on a movie. Nothing.

shut everything off for 5 mins. Rebooted everything.

cable box to hdmi 1
BluRay to 2
Arc out to arc in

TV wont recognize anything- no signal. Used to be able to recognize the BluRay was plugged and playing a movie. The soundbar would automatically switch time hdmi 2. Now it keeps getting hung up on “tv speakers”. It keeps bouncing back to that on the soundbar.

could this be a faulty HDMI input? I’m hesitant to pack everything up and take it in for servicing. It’s all brand new.


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Update: took everything but the tv back to the store to test. Everything works perfectly. Assuming the ARC input on my tv is shotty. Store refunded and ordered me a new Sony x900f.

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