Sony TV Colour is Dark ?


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Hi All

Just discovered this useful site. I wonder if anyone can help, Ive got a Sony KV32FQ75 tv. Its wonderful, but the picture is quite dark, when i go into the menu, i can change the contrast, but brightness is grayed out, so i cant alter it. There are the 4 picture modes - etc but none of them seem bright enough - especially when playing a ps2/xbox game

Any thoughts on how to "enable" the brightness in the menu's

If im being thick, feel free to say so!



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Welcome to the forums. :smoke:

On my Sony, the only setting where I have access to all the user adjustments is in the "Personal" mode.

In the other picture modes, (movie, live etc.) the only setting I can adjust is contrast, with brightness, sharpness etc. being grayed out as you describe.

Once the set is in "personal" mode, you should be able to increase the brightness without any problems.



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Its easy when you know how !!

Thats great thanks, ive been living with that for a year !!!

Forums are the way forward !

All the best


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