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Afternoon people,

Bit of a head scratcher of a question if i may...

My partner has a Sony KDL 40WE663 TV with such a lazy remote as it's driving me (her) mad.
In a nutshell, when a remote button is pressed, there is a pause, the TV thinks about reacting, then does so on a channel change or function demand.
Raising or lowering the volume or muting the sound, the action is instant.
Opening the Apps (built in) takes a pause and thought but will do it. Opening Netflix is instant whereas opening Amazon Prime is a lottery as to whether it'll perform or not at all.
I added a Firestick to the HDMI port and set that up - no problems whatsoever (using the firestick remote) so Prime and bandwidth are all good, as a standalone.
There isn't any access to Google Play to reload Prime on the TV as I can find, so essentially the question is how do I check TV for latest firmware (again, no option on all TV menus) and how do I reload Prime ?

Any suggestions please ?


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