Sony TV - After update screen stays off


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I have a sony 40V5810, about 14 months old. I was watching TV, trying out my new Harmony 900 remote and as I turned it off it cam eup asking if i wanted to install an update on the TV. I confirmed and the screen went black (LED on green).

After 15months of nothing I turned the TV off into standby. I then tried to turn the TV on again. The screen stayed black, but the LED went green.

I turned the TV off at the mains and left it and the same thing when I turned it on. Screen stays off, LED stays on!

I dont suppose anyone has heard anyting similar to this?

Cheers guys :(


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For the record, after 20mins or so the TV came back on. it just seems the update process blacks it all out and doesn't inform you of whats going on!

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